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Magneto Optical Disks

Magneto Optical Disks

EMTEC branded Magneto Optical Disks are always the first choice in situations in which large volumes of data must be stored on removable data media, and a fast random access is demanded. EMTEC Magneto Optical Disks are available in Multiple Write and as Write Once versions


For the rigorous usage conditions in jukeboxes and high speed drives, EMTEC Magneto Optical Disks are ideally prepared because they are equipped with particularly high quality and robust mechanics and disk hub.

To facilitate immediate operation, we supply our Magneto Optical Disks high level formatted for DOS/OS/2 or MAC. If required we can supply other special formats.

EMTEC Premium Real Time:

For time critical Real Time applications like Audio or Video recording, EMTEC now offers you the Premium solution, giving you the best results for your most valuable data. EMTEC Premium Real Time 5,25" MOD's are available in 2,6 or 5,2 GByte.