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DVD-R for Authoring

DVD-R for Authoring

DVD-R uses organic dye technology, similar to that of CD-R, and is compatible with most DVD drives and players. First generation capacity was 3.95 billion bytes (October 1997, version 1.9), later extended to 4.7 billion bytes (May 1999, version 1.9).

Pioneer released 3.95 GB DVD-R(A) 1.0 drives in 1997 for $17.000. Newer 4.7 GB DVD-R(A) 1.9 drives were sold from 1999 on for $5.500. Version 2.0 drives became available in the fall of 2000.


This format was divided into a "general" version and an "authoring" version in early 2000.

DVD-R(A) is intented for professional purposes and uses a 635-nm laser. DVD-R(A) discs are not writable in drives other than DVD-R(A) drives. But the media is readable in most DVD players and drives.


The main difference to the DVD-R For General Use is, that the so called Content Scrambling System (CSS) Sector is not pre-recorded, therefore, security copies of Video DVD-ROMs can be made.